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Pian di Scò e Surroundings

Pian di Scò is a delightful village on the slopes of Pratomagno about 30 km from Arezzo and 25 Km from Florence. The municipal district is divided into two major centers: Pian di Scò chief town and the hamlet Faella. Example of a pristine landscape of Tuscany, that one of Pian di Scò (chief town) ranges from woods of beech trees to the hills terraced with olive trees, to the vines tidies. Unique landscape feature is the presence in the hamlet Faella of cliffs. The town hall was erected in 1873 on a design by architect Emilio de Fabris, same as in recent years, added the present facade of Florence cathedral. The history of Pian di Scò until 1800 coincides with that of the Romanesque church of Santa Maria a Scò, which was built on the ancient Roman road Cassia Vetus (now “Sette Ponti” road) around the year one thousand. The Church of St. Maria in Pian di Scò is located on top of the village to 50 m from the Guest house "La Sosta". Anyone driving along the road of “Sette Ponti” lies in front of the sacred building with three apses and the slender campanile. The imposing Pieve di Scò turns his back to the main road. This ancient pieve has a great story. Although we ignore the exact year of its foundation, however, from the overall architecture we can presume that rose around the year one thousand. The first document in which is remembered back to 12 March 1008. In Pian di Scò there are tennis and soccer courts, all kinds of shops, restaurants and pizzerias, banks and post office. The village is served by bus there and back to the major centers of Valdarno: Figline Valdarno, San Giovanni Valdarno and Montevarchi. The railway station of Figline Valdarno that is only 5 km from our Guest house "La Sosta" allows you to reach in just 20 minutes the beautiful city of Florence, without a doubt the most beautiful art centers in the world. From the same railway station you can quickly reach the cities of Arezzo and Siena.